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Our garments are made from high quality, silky rayon. We have chosen this fabric for it’s incredible drape, softness and breathability, and because it is 100% vegan and biodegradable.

To give your garment a long and lovely life, we recommend dry cleaning. If you want to do a quick refresh at home on occasion, you can wash very gently in cold water with a sensitive care washing powder and leave to air dry out of direct sunlight. Do not wring the fabric because the fibres are more delicate when wet.

Please note that machine washing, tumble drying and washing in warm water will result in color loss and shrinkage.

Our products are all tried, tested and adored by real women.​ We follow a “one size fits most” philosophy, and our sizes have been tried and tested by real women. Our kaftans and sarongs are designed to fit sizes 8 – 20. Our sarong dresses are designed to fit sizes 8 – 18.

Please contact us on for any questions related to sizing.

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