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If you would like to discuss a collaboration opportunity with MoyoMoyo, please reach out to us.

We are always excited to explore new projects with NGOs and art foundations that support community upliftment projects.

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This collaboration was facilitated by the Nubuke Foundation, a Ghanaian contemporary art and cultural institution that serves as a nexus for preserving, recording, and promoting contemporary arts and culture. The Foundation has a wide range of programs supporting Ghana's arts, culture, and heritage and strives to support Ghanaian artists.

With every garment sold from our three MOYOMOYO X NUBUKE collections, MoyoMoyo will donate a percentage of our profits to Nubuke to aid in improvements for the Wa School for the Blind.

The Wa School for the Blind provides free education to more than 200 children from deprived communities in North West Ghana. In addition to providing education for children from Kindergarten to Junior High School level, they also provide vocational training for young adults in skills like weaving and soap making, helping them to become self-sufficient and to help contribute to their society.

Our donation will help to fund a full clinic for these underprivileged children. We will provide medication for common diseases like malaria, as well as much needed medical supplies and eye care equipment, laboratory equipment and a water filtration system to ensure that clean water is readily available for students and staff.

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We were privileged to work with AFROSCOPE [Nana Isaac Akwasi Opoku], award-winning interactive designer and mixed media artist from Temu in Ghana, to create our three Ghana print collections.


Nana’s work is often rooted in a diversity of Afrikan world views and cosmogonies, influenced largely by his disillusionment with colonially programmed norms. Art-making has become a way for him to investigate and synthesize the alternative modes of being he continues to encounter on his ongoing journey to ‘decolonize imagination’. The Yoruba concept of Ashè, the Nguni Bantu philosophy of Ubuntu and the Akan Adinkra symbology are some examples of his early, enduring influences.

Nana’s work has been exhibited in countries around the world, including Italy, USA, England, Hong Kong, South Korea, South Africa and the UAE. Nana continues to help develop and sustain creative and artisanal culture in Ghana and across Africa through his work with Nubuke Foundation and other projects.

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MoyoMoyo and PHASE Nepal share the belief that poor health, low educational levels and poverty create a cycle that prevents people from taking control of their own futures.

We are excited to support PHASE Nepal in the work that they do to reverse this cycle by providing support in areas like health care and education, creating opportunities in remote communities in for self-empowerment.

With every garment sold from our MOYOMOYO X PHASE NEPAL collection, MoyoMoyo will donate a percentage of our profits to the Maila Village Project.

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Maila Village, more than 1,000 km from Kathmandu, is one of the most remote in Nepal.


Gastritis, typhoid and upper respiratory tract infections are just some
of the health problems affecting this community. Malnutrition rates
are alarmingly high. And while maternal and child mortality rates have started to decline since PHASE started to work in the village, there is still a need for the support of qualified and dedicated health workers, health education, essential medicine and equipment to ensure the village of Maila, and the surrounding people (particularly women and children) get high quality essential primary health care.

The long-term impact of providing healthcare to a community with no existing services cannot be overstated - happier healthier children and adults. Our beneficiaries will have a better quality of life and be better able to break the cycle of poverty.

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